Book on your own Vatican-Ancient Rome- Borghese Villa or buy Roma Pass or Omnia Pass,

as explained below.

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  1. Step 1. Buy ticket at green arrow (but don’t enter here), if you don’t have RomaPass or on-line ticket.

  1. Step 2. Go with your ticket to the Colosseum and skip the line

  1. Step 3.
    With same ticket (or RomaPass) enter Ancient Rome by the Palatine hill, again skipping the line. Visit Palatine hill and after Visit the Forum Romanum.

  1. Step 4. Use the exit behind the Curia and the Arch of Settimius Severus.

  2. Step 5. Take the steps to the top of the Capitoline Hill

  3. Step 6. Have your lunch in Bar Capitolino: bar of the Museum (follow link)