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Music & Architecture

Maybe, here, I reveal a bit more about myself that you would expect in the page “All about me” But this was the way I met one of the finest music directors in my life. At the end of the ’80’s, I came to Rome with the wish to become a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. I didn’t had a vocation for a religious order, probably by my lack of obediency, so I choose for becoming a regular priest with the facilities of  belonging to an secular order and having reciprocal support. My choice became the Oratory of St. Philip Neri. A community of secular priests. Thinking to avoid the harsh obedience of the religious orders, I was not mature for them neither. But what I learned there, changed my life and my spirituality. And I became for six years a member of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri at the Chiesa Nuova in Rome. When I arrived, it was a bit in decline. And being young and full of energy, I wanted to revive the past. Especially looking at the model of simile houses all over the world like the Brompton Oratory in London, the Oratory of Wien etc. Luigi da Palestrina was one of the penitents of St. Philip Neri, the founder of the Oratory, and St. Philip’s movement gave us the name of that kind of music: the Oratory. Who of us never heard of the Messiah of Haendel?Therefore, together with an other member, Salvo, I started a polyphonic choir, and soon later I was looking for an orchestra. Happened that in those days the young Roberto Bongiovanni was looking for a rehearsal space for his orchestra. I, and the fathers, were more than happy to host them  in the space that the Chiesa Nuova had. A long lasting friendship was born. In the archive of the Chiesa Nuova were (and are) a lot of unedited partitas of wonderful music, written by excellent composers of the past. So we found a hymn to St. Philipp Neri, written by Alessandro Scarlatti, the Ouverture to the Requiem of Pergolesi and many more. He knew how to transcribe them in modern keys and performed them. I was delighted. Today I still organize musical walking tours of Rome with him, using the original instruments of the 15-16-17th century. But all what I learned about music history I got from M° Roberto.

    In the next paragraphs, I would like you click on the music-box. It helps you to understand what I would to explain.

Arts are interconnected! When one art is changing (a.e. arte della politica), all the other arts (arte di musica, pittura, architettura ....) will change to.

Can you imagine the architecture of an early christian church? It was based on the Catholica, the greek orthodox churches.

Te Deum, Gregorian

Jesu, rex admirabilis

Te Deum, Charpentier

NEW !!! Offered to you by me and my friend

Maestro Roberto Bongiovanni

An unforgettable experience for groups visiting Rome or Italy ... A guided tour with intervals of outstanding music in hidden locations of Rome

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