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The books below are only a summary. I rated them by stars. (*) one star is basic and so on. In my articles on the blog i refer often to them. I you want to buy those, go to Amazone.com, where often you can find them cheaply. You can also click on the title or the name of the author, and get directed to Amazon.com. Enjoy your reading.

A must to view if you like the the intrigues of Ancient Rome: the serial made by the BBC: I Claudius; view it on YouTube, full movie (12 episodes):

“I Claudius, all 12 episodes, You Tube”

La Corruzione politica nell’antica Roma, Superbur Saggi, Luciano PERELLI, quarta edizione, Milano 1999, 322.


Een hemel op aarde, Extase in de Romeinse Barok, BERT TREFFERS, SUN, Nijmegen,1995, 286

- Julius exclusus e coelis: a satire written by Erasmus on Pope Julius II from 1518, Leuven.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the original latin text on line. clicking here you have the translation + article of comment

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