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The restaurants are a personal choice. However, a lot of my friends tried them and were happy.


Since years, I have a tradition of having lunch in the Bar of Roman Musea.

There are cheap, often very good food, you can sit there as long as you like and .... mostly have an astonishing location. You don’t have to visit the museum !!! only the bar. The only problem, it is sometimes tricky to find the entrance.

For sure, the following is one of those:

Bar Capitolino ( Bar of the Museum Capitolina on the Campidoglio)

The following design explain you how to get in after your visit of Ancient Rome

(follow link: Where to eat after Ancient Rome) (closed on Mondays and after 6:30 pm) Eating outside on the terrace is with a waiter-charge; inside self-service.

                Panorama della Terrazza

                         Caffarelli, Piazzale Caffarelli 3

All VIP’s of the world(King & Queens, Presidents & First Ladies, Ambassadors and more) had there lunch here, being it also the restaurant of the City Hall of Roma. Feel yourself once as a King, and have your lunch here !!!!

Why not having lunch in a building designed by the fairly well known Michelangelo? It is very economic for a short lunch.

Bar Chiostro di Bramante

Looking at the  film, “ The Great Beauty-La Grande Bellezza”, one of the contenders with Oscar-nomination 2014,  it seems Rome is mostly deserted. Halas, that’s only wishful thinking. But don’t we have all the desire to distance ourselves from those crowds we’ve met at the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain ?

There is a way you can do it. Visit the neighborhood of Piazza Navona and have your lunch at the Chiostro di Bramante. In 1500, he was so famous as architect, that he got the commission for building the new Saint Peter’s Basilica. Unfortunately, after destroying the old one, he never build the new. That was a task given to Michelangelo. But the Chiostro he made is a gem, and became a model for renaissance architecture.

Today they organize temporal exhibitions (often very beautiful once such as: Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Breughel a.s.o.)

It is a bit tricky to find it. The little design will be again of great help. All the food is homemade, and their cookies, cakes and wines are excellent. Very good value... and at least: peace !!!

    ✦ Step 1. You enter by the left hand side of the Church Santa Maria della Pace.

    ✦ Step 2. You great the people at the ticket desk and say you want to go to the bar.

    ✦ Step 3. In the courtyard, you take the steps to the upper level: there is the bar. (Cash or credit-cards)

Weather not permitting, they have also a beautiful indoor room, “la Sala delle Sibille”. Through the inside window you can view the most amazing frescoes of Raphael in public. In those days Michelangelo was working in the Sistine Chapel and didn’t allowed anyone to view his work. Raphael managed however to get in and made copies of the Sybil's of Michelangelo. Here you find them in one of the rare public works of Raphael.



What would Italy be without “gelati”? Therefore: No comment!


San Crispino

Via della Maddalena 3

(near the Pantheon)

Via Uffici del Vicario, 40

(near Piazza Montecitorio- Parlamento)




Please, keep in mind that also a Michelin star restaurant can be disappointed !! Even the ancient Romans knew that: “De gustibus, coloribus, mulieribus non disputandim”: there's no accounting for taste, colors or women.

Sometimes, a local restaurant can give you more of the roman atmosphere

But, maybe for a special occasion ....  ......

Il Convivio di Troianai

+39 06 686 9432,

Vicolo dei Soldati, 31


Closed for lunch and Sun. Average €120

Cooking creative / Menu: 110€ - Carte: 70€/131€

The Troiani brothers, Massimo, Giuseppe and Angelo opened Convivio at its original address in Via dell'Orso, near Piazza Navona in 1990. Today it is regarded as one of the best restaurants in the city. It is a place for special occasions with its elegant rooms and beautiful tableware. The menu is an exciting mixture of old and new. Many of the traditional Roman favourites are given a new twist, such as "new style" boneless oxtail with celeriac puree, and Angelo combines seasonal ingredients with panache in his new creations. This is great designer food and people are encouraged to order a series of half portions to create their own tasting menu. Most of the great wines are present on the wine list and Massimo is happy to suggest different glasses of wine to go with each dish ordered.

I had an excellent experience. Has a Michelin Star.


+39 06 788 0494,

Via Appia Antica 139


email: larcheologia.it.

Closed Tue. Average €60

This former post house opposite the catacombs on the old Appian Way is a warm, welcoming restaurant with its open fire and walls lined with wine. In warmer months meals are served in the beautiful garden with its 300-year-old wisteria and Roman remains. The extensive menu satisfies all tastes and is a good mixture of traditional and new. There is excellent grilled meat served with a wide choice of sauces using olive oil from the Sabine hills, and the very fresh fish appears in an interesting way at every course. The antipasti selection ranges from cheese and salami to vegetables and seafood, while the very fertile area just south of Rome – the Ciociaria – inspires several pasta dishes.

I always like to return (Francesco, the maitre d’ is fabulous and friend)

Glass Hostaria

vicolo del Cinque 58 I - 00153 Roma

Phone: 0658335903    E-mail: infoglass@libero.it     


Closing: 24 december - 26 december, 13 january - 28 january, 07 july - 29 july, monday. One Michelin Star 2013

Cuisine modern : Menu: 70€/ 90€ - Carte: 62€/96€

Situated in the heart of Trastevere, this restaurant boasts an ultra-modern design with an interesting play of light and slightly unsettling atmosphere. The excellent cuisine also features highly modern touches.


Raviolini ripieni di parmigiano 60 mesi con asparagi e burro d'Isigny. Agnello al sumac (spezia) con carote allo zenzero e tuberi. Crema cotta al frutto della passione, gelato al pop corn e tuile (biscotto sottile) al sesamo.

La Pergola

via Cadlolo 101 I - 00136 Roma   Tel 0635092152

E-mail LaPergolaReservations@waldorfastoria.com

Site http://www.romecavalieri.it/lapergola.php

Opening times: Always booking far in advance.

Closing: 01 january - 27 january, 10 august - 20 august,

monday, sunday.

Remarks token from internet

.... This my favorite restaurant in the world. Very expensive, but worth it. The service is impeccable. The view is amazing--looking out over St Peter's and Rome. The maitre'd, Simone, is outstanding.

The chef, Heinz Beck, is a true culinary genius. If you stay through the end of the evening he usually spends time chatting with the guests and is happy to answer questions about the food and it's preparation. Or, ask him about his brother working in the auto parts business. Heinz is one of the most accessible of the star chefs.

The nine course gourmet tasting menu is sublime. The wine pairings are perfect. Mateo the sommelier is a genius at pairing wine with La Pergola's cuisine. The extra charge for wine pairing with the tasting menu is quite reasonable (but in line with everything else being so expensive. It's not cheap but a good value at these prices. Usually around 120 Euros for nine glasses.)

The Grand Dessert is terrific.  Have you ever joked that you'd like a bite of everything?  That is the experience you get with the Grand Dessert!

After dinner, have drinks on the patio and enjoy the stupendous view. Or, have a cigar and single malt or other fine liquor in the splendid cigar room.

German chef Heinz Beck is more Italian than many of his colleagues! Served in the panoramic roof garden, the cuisine here is Roman and Mediterranean, and the service both attentive and professional.


Spaghetti all'acqua di pomodoro con tartufi di mare e salsa di basilico e prezzemolo. Merluzzo nero con salsa di sedano e crosta al curry. Sfera ghiacciata ai frutti rossi su crema al tè con lamponi cristallizzati.

As you can expect for the only three Michelin star restaurant in Rome: expensive (500 US $) is possible.

Nestled between Renaissance palaces facing onto one of the most charming little piazzas in all of Rome, Ristorante Pierluigi has been an institution in the capital since 1938. Famous for it’s fish plates.

Character, vivacity, courtesy and quality all combine to make the restaurant a point of reference for Roman and international diners alike, and the preferred choice of anyone who appreciates the hospitality Ristorante Pierluigi reserves for all its customers.

Whether seated at a table outside in the unique setting of a 16th century piazza or inside in one of its cosy rooms, the consistent quality of the hospitality offered by host Roberto Lisi who, along with his family, manages the restaurant with professional skill and enthusiasm.

The cuisine is traditional and at the same time inventive, hitting heights of excellence as a result of the constant care and attention for taste evolutions and the use of the highest quality ingredients. The menu's distinctive dishes draw their inspiration from a vast selection of seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant's wine-ce

llar boasts a selection of 450 wines from every region of Italy, as well as a comfortable wine bar that also offers a wine-tasting menu.

The rest falls into place with the eagerness, thoughtful service and cordiality of the restaurant staff and a convivial atmosphere that makes every customer with feel at home and a guest of honour at the same time. This isn't a cheap meal, but it's not expensive either. A memorable meal, with great service in a fabulous city. Buon appetito! Instead of taking a bottle of the wine-list, you can also ask for the much cheaper excellent house-wine.

Give the owner, Roberto, my greetings!!!


A very simple rule to find a good “Trattoria”: look at the age of the owner or the waiters. In Italy, to be a waiter in a restaurant is a job for life. Often from father to son. So, if you see in a restaurant elderly waiters, it also means that the restaurant is traditional and well-established. Often those restaurants are owning the walls of the building.  The food will be local and at least ..... you don’t have to pay the lease!

However, there is a hugh difference between an American restaurant and an Italian one. Let’s say, you want to open an American restaurant. First you plan where the restrooms will be. If space is left, there will be a restaurant. Otherwise they call it a “drive- thru”.

A traditional Italian restaurant was founded after World War II.  Italians from the mountains came to Rome, caused by the lack of work. Mother was/is a good cook and they decided to open a restaurant. On the opening day, everybody loved it. Until .... someone asked were the restroom was. Unfortunately, that was a forgotten feature. Luckily, there is the grandson saying: “Why not making a toilet behind the pizza-oven? it is far to hot for installing the fridge there!” And so, in the most unthinkable corner, with sliding door, in a small sauna ... Yes: there is the bathroom, of course, one for all.

Excellent Restaurants

Antonio al Pantheon

Via dei Pastini 12

(near Pantheon)

Tel 06-6790798

Just around the corner of the Pantheon, is this bijoux little restaurant. While all the others are empty at 7:00 pm,

here it’s already busy. So, if you go here, be in time, or book in advance.

Run by the family Garbini in an informal atmosphere of the typical Roman tavern where you can taste the fresh pasta dishes that have made the history of Roman and Italian cuisine in the world, meat dishes like lamb or saltinbocca the Roman , tripe with mint, osso buco, beans with pork rind, side dishes such as artichokes alla romana or, where there is still the ham cut by hand, the pillow of Norcia, the zucchini flowers are always fresh.

You can always mention that you are a friend.


Tel 06-686 8717

Piazza dé Ricci

(Near Campo deì Fiori)

I  Buoni Amici

Phone  06 7049 1993

Via Aleardo Aleardi 3


(Near San Giovanni in Laterano)

Off the beaten track. From the outside you wonder what the food will be like but once inside, the warm reception and smiling faces tell the story. After waiting 5 minutes for a table we received (compliments of the house for the long wait!!!! NOT ) a plate of deep fried miniature calamari. A nice touch. The menu was basic Roman fare and what one would expect and hope to find in a local Hostaria. Simple, understated, friendly staff and excellent value! Get of the tourist route and explore a little slice of the real Rome!!!

After the above commentary of one of the customers in September 2013, I just want to add that I go there regularly since 2000 when I wrote the entries about food for the Automobile Association of the UK. The difficulty was to give a personal touch to similar typical roman trattoria’s. But on the pictures on the wall you find Sly Stallone and Richard Gere have eaten here.  No idea how they found it. Mostly only Italians. It’s excellent for fish. A degustation menu (with a lot of starters) is about 40,00 €.

You are always welcome to use my recommendation to the chef !

La Rampa

Piazza Mignanelli

(at the Spanish Steps)    Tel 06-678 2621

It is difficult to find a good and not to expensive restaurant in the neighborhood of the Spanish Steps.

Often you will eat enough with the buffet of the antipasta (a selection of 3 yards food). One go is +/- 12,00 €, and that together with the house wine.

“The restaurant will offer you selected dishes from the old Roman cuisine and exotic dishes from the Mediterranean region. We are world-famous for our buffet of appetizers.

The restaurant is divided into three sections: two internal (indoors) and one external (outdoors). Each of the indoor sections has unique architecture and offers unforgettable experiences.

The tables in the open air will let you feel cool even on hot summer days.” (token from their website)


Via della Palombella, 34/35

(behind Pantheon)

Tel 06-68135318

This Restaurant/Bar has a personal story.

In 1989, when I arrived in Rome, there were no pubs, with exception of two. The owner of this one became over the years the dean of the American Students. In those days there were also only a few ATM. Some american students discovered to their surprise that Italy was more expensive than the States and .... runned out of money. Without ATM or easy ways to let sending money over, they runned out of cash. Mikey, the owner of Miscellanea, took them in his house one bunk-beds, and the students earned their lodging, living in his bar/restaurant. Many nights I was their until closing time ... and even after. Ten years ago he moved to his actual location, between the Italian Parliament and the Senate. At lunch, you will see all very smart dressed (ambitious) italian yuppies, and occasional a senator or MP. Only after 10:00 pm the music change: Students will be back.

His food is among the best, simple italian food, but the portions are American. On top, he never raised his prices in order to mantain his original clientèle.

When I go there with my guests, just behind the Pantheon, I usually order an Antipasta mista for XXX persons, and then Two kinds of pasta on one plate. I tell you, it's just divine and .... Cheap! Give Mikey my best greatings and maybe he will treat you with a glass of his famous Sexy Wine !!!  Prosit.

Bar Capitolina

Let me know about your favorite restaurant ..... thanks

Wine & Dine