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The unique experience of the Vatican Museums can be a nightmare or a dream. We will try to offer you the dream ... no crowds (is that! possible ???! Yes.)

As an official guide of the Vatican I'm able to offer you the following different tours:

Tour 1. The Classical: approx. 3 hrs. (click here)

Tour 2. The Extended tour: approx. 4 hrs. (click here)

Both tours we are ending in the Saint Peter's Basilica

Tour 3. A tour of the Vatican Gardens, can be combined with the museum ***

Tour 4. A tour of the Via Triomphalis, can also be combined with the museum ***

Tour 5. The gardens of Castel Gandolfo ***  

  ***   Tour 3/4/5 are only possible by booking through the official Website of the Vatican.

If you want me as your guide (otherwise the Vatican Museums are choosing someone ad random, fill also in the application below, because I have also to contact the Vatican Museums.

Important to know ...

The Vatican Museum can close certain rooms without warning. I therefore can't guarantee that ALL items can be visited !

We just do our best.


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Was die Leute sagen......

Ce que les gens disent ...

Again, I would like to stress that my approach to Ancient Rome is a little different to traditional tours ...

With my passion for the classics, and degrees in law, economics, philosophy and theology, it was the perfect starting point. What we know is that mankind has not changed a great deal throughout history.

Never forget: "Your strength is also your weakest link !!" Three elements enabled the Roman empire to survive for 2200 years, but also precipitated it's downfall: globalization, privatization and of course flexibility.

(read my article)

Brian Williams = Julius Caesar ??!

By using directly the original sources, often the full text gives you a total different view. And it is always important to listen to dissenting opinions because usually, the victor is writing the history.

Give the next line a little thought ......

Did Nero really persecuted Christians? How could he when the name Christians didn't exist !!? (read my article about Nero)

Nero 17 years old, good looking and ...

Nero 30 years old ! ... after a cure of mercury

What people say.......

Was die Leute sagen......

Ce que les gens disent ...

This is the guided tour with the most of variety, follow the link to find out more !

Often, I like to think myself an historical gossipmonger. The modern era is giving us new ones: it's not because someone is twittering a message, that he is telling the full truth. Even newspapers have the same problem. Their articles are often copy and paste, without checking the facts.

Then you have people who are changing the history, for putting themselves in a better light. Recently (2015), we had the scandal of Brian Williams, the newsanchor of the NBC. His helicopter was never attacked .... and he had to resign.

Julius Caesar,in the  "De Bello Gallico" (I,3), wrote in his first lines that the "Belgae are the Bravest" ..... of course a good line to pronounce in the Roman Senate. After all, he conquered them ... and was even braver than the bravest

But alas, in those days, there were no wiki-leaks, Facebook or twitter who were looking like "Big Brother" over our shoulder about every move we make. Julius Caesar got away with it...

That's than also the reason I call myself an historical gossipmonger. In my research I use mostly the sources in their original language. Over the years, historians took often of those books and diaries what was politically correct for their moment of history.


Wat ze zoal zeggen.......

Cosa dice la gente ...

Guided Tours in Rome

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